In 2010, developer Gavin Andresen launched the first Bitcoin faucet. It was a site where you could get 5 BTC for solving a simple captcha. The idea was to popularize Bitcoin among a wider audience. This concept continued to develop. Every year, services like this appeared, experimenting with formats.

Today, the community discusses the release of Notcoin, a clicker game based on the TON blockchain. This project instantly attracted millions of users. Even people far from the crypto world are actively clicking hoping to earn something. What is unique about Notcoin, and what can happen next for this project? Let’s find out in this article.

As the developers note, Notcoin has become the most popular entertainment on Telegram.

The secret is the simplicity of the clicker and the absence of restrictions. The gameplay is simple, and referral links motivate players to share Notcoin with friends.

Game Guide: How Notcoin Works

How to play and farm Notcoin? It is simple! There is a coin that you need to click on, periodically catching the Rocket to speed up the leveling. However, entertainment is not limited to just one click. The clicker has its features, bonuses, and mechanics. Let us go through each one:

  • Squads. Players unite into teams where they farm Notcoins together. When you join, you can pick up a bonus. Also, the functionality of squads may expand.
  • Leagues. There are five of them: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. When you reach the threshold of points, you automatically move up to a higher rank and receive a reward. League points are not the same as your overall coin balance: it will only count your clicks.
  • Energy. You can not farm 24/7, no matter how much you want. The game provides energy that you spend with every click you make. But you can increase the amount and speed of its recovery.
  • Frens. Invite friends and earn coins. The more points your referrals score, the more bonuses you receive. If your referrals have a premium Telegram account, the reward increases multiple times.
  • Earn. It is a system of monetization. There are several advertising tasks here. For each completed task, you take Notcoins. Users subscribe to crypto channels, test sites, games, etc. Some tasks will only require your time, while others require a minimum Telegram wallet balance of 7 TON. To top-up your wallet with coins, click on the button:

Skins. If you’re tired of that yellow coin in the background, you can replace it by completing a task or spending Notcoins. There is also a secret skin, which you may have noticed in the screenshot above. Write the word wakeup on the coin in Morse code to receive it. For now, it is not clear what skins are for and what they give. The question of whether Notcoin skins are worth buying remains open, but there is a prospect that they will turn in NFTs.

Secrets: How to Earn a Lot in Notcoin

Of course, you can farm by simply clicking on a coin. But how can you mine tens of millions of Notcoins? You can use a boost to speed up the farming of coins. There are six in total:

  • Full Energy. This free boost allows you to restore power. It is updated every day.
  • Turbo. After activation, a rocket will appear next to the coin. If you click on it, the number of mined coins will increase, and energy will stop being spent. This boost is also free and updates every 24 hours.
  • Multitap. As you level up, you get more coins. For example, at level 10, you farm ten Notcoins per click.
  • The energy limit is the number of notcoins you can mine in one go. Each upgrade increases energy by 500.
  • Recharging speed. This boost increases the speed of energy recovery.
  • Auto Tap bot. It is the most significant boost that mines coins while you are offline. In total, it can work up to 12 hours. After that, you need to go into the application and collect the farmed coins.

It is not yet possible to exchange or send coins to other players. But the developers say that such a feature may appear in the future. Telegram Premium is also worth mentioning. How to get a premium, and why do you need it? To subscribe, go to settings and select the appropriate option. You will be offered two subscription options: for a month or a year in advance with a discount. Premium increases your referral income and allows you to complete some tasks in Earn.

The listed game mechanics allowed players to earn tens or even hundreds of millions of coins. Of course, there are also dishonest tactics. For example, playing on an Android emulator with auto clickers and bot breeding. We, like the developers, advise you to play honestly – you never know)

How to Start Playing

All you need to do is go to the Telegram bot from your mobile device. If you try to play from a computer, the bot will greet you with an interesting message:

Errors and Problems with Notcoin: How to Solve Them

The game is not without various bugs. The cause of this is the enormous load on the servers and technical limitations in Telegram itself. Here are some common mistakes and what you can do about them:

  • The tasks are not completed. Most often, this is a bug in the application itself. The developers quickly try to fix them, so try closing tasks later.
  • Tap bot does not work. The auto clicker starts collecting coins as soon as you stop farming manually. But it will reward you only after an hour. And the maximum works 12 hours.
  • The rocket does not fire. It is a common bug, and you can have nothing to do with it.
  • Clicks are not counted. Due to the load on the servers, sometimes a situation occurs in which the application resets the newly mined coins to zero. Don’t exit the app or update it. Give it time to register and save your actions.
  • Now let’s move on to why many have gathered here: will it be possible to make money on Notcoin?

Can You Earn Money with Notcoin?

The information in this block is not financial advice. You make all the decisions yourself.

No one knows when or where the listing will take place. Your reward will depend on your balance. But the league attracted referrals, and activity is also significant. And notcoins will be gradually burned, reducing the overall emission. After the creation of the coin, click mining will stop. Also, the developers want to remove all bots and burn all the coins on these accounts.

How to sell and withdraw Notcoin? The question will be relevant after listing. Notcoin transfers will be carried out on the TON blockchain. Most likely, influencers will take the most of the benefits. Thanks to the referral program, they have farmed hundreds of millions of coins. At the start of trading, the price will fall. Most players will start to sell their coins. But as more and more coins are burned, the rate may rise. In addition, the market maker of the project has already stated that he is going to buy out the volumes that will be launched on the market. 

Remember that Notcoin is a game for now. And it should be treated as entertainment. Do not invest money that you are not prepared to lose! Prices for such assets can rise and fall sharply, so there is always a chance of losing your entire investment. Be careful and invest wisely!

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