November 15 was the day we released a very large update. The release includes new search filters, changes to the way requests are issued, interface improvements, and more rapid data collection and subsequent issuance. We have also added a new platform — Pexpay.

The changes have been challenging for us, so the team has worked hard to achieve a new level of work with This update will make using the aggregator more convenient for our users — new features have been added to the interface to make this easier.

In the next sections, we will explain each change in more detail.

Collecting and processing information at a faster rate

The aggregator now accepts and processes a much larger stream of data. While we regularly connect P2P platforms and private exchangers, sometimes our capacity may not be enough when dealing with large amounts of data. So this was the most significant change in recent months.
Processing requests and generating offers for them takes literally a split second, and collecting all the ads from Binance takes 10–15 seconds.

New filters


It’s what you asked for — we provided!
There are three newly added filters in the block of filters for your requests:

Check out cash offers by city
In order to exchange cash, you can now choose convenient cities to do so. It’s useful when you want cash delivered locally, nearby, or while traveling. These offers come primarily from private exchangers, so they may cover both one country and the whole world. The filter only works when searching by currency at the moment.

Use the right transfer network to find USDT offers
When a user searches for USDT offers, offers may appear on different networks. A user may wish to save on commissions or make a transfer within the same network since networks may differ between sites. Considering this, we made a search for tokens by protocol with more than one network. Currently, the filter works when searching by currency and supports these protocols:

  • ERC20
  • TRC20
  • BEP20
  • OMNI
  • Polygon
  • Solana

Filter offers by seller’s reserve
By using this filter, you can see only offers with a reserve greater than a specified amount.

Adding search parameters to a URL

We used to send other people links to certain pages to share the great deals we found on — but they never saw the same thing as we did. The aggregator’s main page was opened, with all parameters reset.
Our team has corrected this issue: now all entered settings are saved in the URL. As a result, you will be able to share your requests with others, team up, and find great deals together.

Clear search results

In order to make searching for profitable offers easier, we removed duplicates. There was a time when this problem frequently occurred, but now it won’t come up anymore: we’ve merged the same ads into one. With nothing to double in your eyes anymore, and easier filtering out of offers, everything will become clear.

New P2P platform

Since connecting with Pexpay, we have been collecting even more offers!
Pexpay is a P2P platform without intermediaries or commissions. Its main advantage is that it is not affected by sanctions imposed on banks or prohibitions or restrictions on cryptocurrencies.
There are already more than 8 thousand offers on that cannot be found on any other major exchange.

Improved localization

Our site is now more clearly understandable not only to Russian-speaking users, but also to English-speaking ones as well. We carefully worked on the interface and text for both languages, making Monetory services even easier to use. If you have foreign friends, you can recommend us – everything is clear now ?

Try out these features, look for profitable deals, and let us know if anything else needs to be added.
Your help is very important to us in improving Monetory!

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