Is it difficult to pass KYC on LocalCoinSwap? What currencies are popular in P2P on Gate? How high is liquidity on Paxful? And what is this WazirX platform? You will find answers to all these questions in our Navigator!

What is it?

Navigator is a handy table in which you can compare 54 P2P platforms and 600+ private exchangers – and this list is constantly growing. Just recently, we just added a new batch. Each platform has its page where you will find more detailed information.

What you can learn from the navigator:

  • How long has the site existed?
  • Do you need to go through KYC?
  • All about commissions.
  • What fiat currencies are popular.
  • What cryptocurrencies are available for exchange.

The Navigator also has convenient filters. For example, you can view all available platforms without KYC or select platforms with high liquidity.

Would you like us to add a specific platform? Or do you want to share ideas for improving the tool? Please write to us at @monetory_support_bot.

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