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Our task is to collect for you the maximum available exchange offers. Therefore, Monetory includes not only large P2P platforms but also private exchanges. And if the first category seems safe, the other one often raises questions. Can you trust the exchangers collected in the aggregator? We carefully review a service before adding it to Monetory. However, the quality of the exchanger’s work may change. For this case, we have added a review system.

Now you can share your opinion about the exchanger in Monetory!

A registered user with a confirmed account on Monetory can leave a review. These conditions and moderation of all reviews will help fight cheating and false reviews. If you do not have an account on our website yet, it is time to create one!

Reviews are divided into three types:

  • Positive – if you want to leave thanks or note the advantages of working with the exchange service.
  • Neutral – for cases when there are comments of any kind that you consider significant to share.
  • Negative – to report a serious problem accompanied by financial losses that require investigation.

You can continue the discussion of your review in the comments. For example, conduct a dialogue with a representative of the exchanger and the aggregator administration. And if you find someone’s review useful, you can rate it.

We will need some time and your participation to collect a sufficient number of reviews about exchangers, and then we will begin to take them into account in the search results. Go to the website and leave a review about the exchangers you worked with.

To leave your review about any exchanger:

  • Log in to Monetory
  • Go to the list of exchangers
  • Find the desired exchanger and leave a review

Once the review has been moderated, it will be published.

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