Looking for a platform without complicated identity verification, address confirmation, ID sending, and other bureaucracy? Want to avoid the commissions? Then take a look at SIGEN. This platform has popular cryptocurrencies, the ability to trade in a huge amount of fiat currencies, and zero commissions. But there are also downsides.

Today we will take a detailed look at this project. Let us figure out how to register and start trading here, what capabilities are there, and whether it’s worth using the platform in 2024.

Popular MarketRussia
Popular Fiat CurrenciesRUB, USD, UAH, EUR
Available CryptocurrenciesUSDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB UGIN, GLIZE
P2P Fees0%
Spot Market Fees0%

A Little Bit About the Project’s Ideology

SIGEN is a cryptocurrency exchange with a high level of anonymity and no trading fees. The platform was created for a wide audience, with the main idea being to make operations with digital assets simple and transparent. The main goal of the team is to accelerate the development of the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain industry by attracting new users.

One of the platform’s key principles is financial fairness. The creators believe that exchanging digital assets should be free from intermediaries, complicated procedures, and enormous fees.

Registering on SIGEN and Protecting Your Account

All you need to register is an email and password. Your account will be ready to use all of the exchange’s capabilities in just a minute. Two-factor authentication via email is enabled by default — you’ll need to enter a code sent to your email every time you log in. We recommend changing this to Google Authenticator — even if scammers steal your password or email, they still won’t be able to access your account.

You can also use the “List of allowed devices” feature. The website will check where you’re logging in from and block access from unconfirmed devices. On allowed devices, there won’t be the extra step of entering a code. There’s also a codeword to protect P2P trading. The first time you go to the P2P section, the site will ask you to come up with one. Later you will need to enter it to confirm orders.

You can use the platform on desktop or mobile — iOS and Android apps are available.

What Tools are Available on SIGEN

The platform is quite minimalistic. There are not too many features, just the bare necessities. This approach reflects the project’s philosophy that we discussed above.


The following trading pairs are available on the SIGEN spot market:

  4. GLZ/BTC

The fee for all pairs is 0%. Unfortunately, liquidity on this platform is quite low. For example, buying $1000 worth of Bitcoin could significantly push its price up, which is not normal for such a project.

Crypto Wallet

SIGEN is a custodian. The platform itself issues wallets for depositing and storing cryptocurrency. Deposits are free, but withdrawals carry a fee depending on the coin.

In addition to tradable assets, other cryptocurrencies like WBTC and CAKE can be deposited/withdrawn. But trading them is not available yet. Perhaps the platform added them to increase the total amount of funds on the exchange. The more deposited assets in user accounts, the more liquid and attractive the exchange is for trading other pairs.

SIGEN wallets support message signing. It is a specially generated sequence of letters and numbers that confirms you are the owner of the wallet address. This function comes in handy for using a SIGEN wallet on other services.

  1. The service gives you a message that needs to be signed using your SIGEN wallet.
  2. You copy this message.
  3. In the SIGEN wallet, find the address and invoke the sign message function.
  4. Paste the copied message into the phrase to sign field.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Copy the resulting signature: a series of letters and numbers.
  7. Paste this signature into the required field on the third-party service.

Note that funds are not sent directly from these addresses. So, you cannot confirm a transaction using message signing.

P2P Marketplace

The P2P section on SIGEN has all the major cryptocurrencies:

  • USDT – the #1 stablecoin by market cap, is pegged to the US dollar.
  • BTC – the most well-known and top cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • LTC – one of the oldest altcoins and a Bitcoin fork.
  • ETH – the #2 cryptocurrency by market cap for creating smart contracts and dApps.
  • BNB – Binance’s utility token.

Also, you can find here rare coins like GLZ and UGIN — SIGEN’s partner projects.

How the P2P section looks like

For analytics, there are advanced statistics here with volume and number of offers per trading pair. As the data shows, high activity is only in pairs with rubles. It is a huge downside.

An advantage of the platform is the lack of fees for both makers and takers. The savings are significant, since on platforms with a comparable level of anonymity, fees can be several percent per transaction.

The security of transactions is ensured through multi-signature escrow wallets. Funds are locked in them until both parties confirm the fulfillment of obligations. If a dispute arises and users cannot agree, the deal goes into arbitration mode. Moderators examine the details of the deal and make a decision. Users can be added to favorites or a blacklist for subsequent deals with proven partners or blocking unwanted counterparties. There is also a reputation system. After a deal, each participant can leave a rating for their counterparty — positive, neutral, or negative.

A posted order remains active for 72 hours. After that, it automatically disappears if the maker does not boost it

Punishments are also in place for dishonest participants, such as temporarily blocking trading. Those who regularly cancel deals or do not pay for orders are penalized.

Pros and Cons of SIGEN

No commissions on P2P and spotOnly RUB has a liquidity
No need for KYCLimited functionality
Can install on phone
Simplicity of use for beginners
Fast registration
Wide selection of cryptocurrencies on P2P

Unfortunately, all the advantages of this platform are outweighed by the fact that there is simply no liquidity on P2P or spot. We can see only RUB offers. On other fiat markets, there are no offers at all. 

So, we can conclude that this platform is cool, but we can not use it because of zero liquidity.

The Easiest Way to Find Fiat/Crypto Offers

To check if there are any offers available on SIGEN, use Monetory. What should you do:

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Choose what you want to give and get. Or you can use the payment method mode to find a specific offer.
  3. Get a list of offers, with the most profitable at the top.

For example, we want to buy BTC using our Revolut USD balance. We can make this request.

Thus, we found out that it is most profitable to make such a trade on HodlHodl. You can use this algorithm for all types of crypto/fiat exchanges. It is easy and convenient.

Is SIGEN Suitable for Cryptocurrency Trading in 2024?

The platform has several clear advantages: fast registration without verification, no commissions, smartphone apps… But the low or even zero liquidity outweighs all the pros.

Today, SIGEN is suitable for rare, one-off cases when offers appear that, among other things, should be more profitable than in other places. For active trading and regular transactions, the platform is not suitable due to a lack of liquidity. Use Monetory to track rates, and always buy and sell cryptocurrency at the most favorable price!

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